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Get certified in Shopping Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Before enabling automatic item updates to her website, what does Carolyn at Cozy Coat Factory need to do first?

Victor is the owner of Beautiful Birdhouses, a small boutique retailer of handmade birdhouses. He wants an automated solution to maximize his conversions, but still wants control over all his bids. What bid strategy should he choose?

Tim advertises concert tickets on Google Shopping, but only one of the items that he advertised as concert tickets have been disapproved for Unsupported Shopping content. How does he resolve the issue?

What attribute would you use to subdivide your product group by the Google product taxonomy?

What method of bidding uses advanced machine learning and performance monitoring to set bids that achieve your specified goal?

How would you optimize your product images and support increased clickthrough rate (CTR)?

Geoff cannot understand why his click share on mobile is so low, despite his impression share being relatively high. How can Geoff improve the clickthrough rate for his mobile Shopping ads?

If your account has been suspended, how will you be notified?

What is the difference between Search campaigns and Shopping campaigns?

Surf-N-Board wants to increase the click share of their Shopping ads. What's one action they can take?

Your Shopping campaign has been so successful your manager has increased your budget for the next quarter. You're considering increasing bids, but aren't sure if that's the best way to spend your budget. What tool or report can you use to inform your decision?

What performance information does the Attribution report provide?

Maria wants to make sure she is following all policies for Shopping ads when she enters product information for her stationery. Which of the following is a policy for Shopping ads?

When should you set up a multi-client account?

Your feed is missing data on the "brand" of your products. This data is already in your feed, however, under the attribute of "brandname". What rule would you create to correct this?

Sam at Sports Gear is considering promotions for his Shopping ads. Which of Sam's promotions are acceptable under Google Shopping's policies?

How do Shopping policies ensure a great user experience?

Which components are unique to local inventory ads?

Fareena uses the Merchant Center to upload her product data for her floral arrangements. Which of the following is a feature of the Merchant Center?

If Tim from AdStomp uploaded an item with a price mismatch by accident, what would happen?

When should you use campaign priority?

Which of the following attributes are required in the Merchant Center?

How do you set priorities for your Shopping campaigns?

What role does the Merchant Center play in developing Shopping ads?

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Where could you potentially see an ad for twin sheet sets?