Display Remarketing Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

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Display Remarketing Assessment Answers - Academy for Ads

What's an advantage of using AdWords to create your remarketing lists?

You want to grow the reach of your remarketing campaigns to more languages and locations. 
Which of these is the best reason why this would likely perform well?

Which of the following attribution reports in AdWords can help you examine how many visits it takes someone to convert?

Let's say you want to expand your remarketing efforts, but only to people who are currently researching your products and services.
What's a good feature to try?

You want to understand the performance differences between all site visitors and members of your remarketing list before making bid adjustments. 
What settings should you use to gather this information?

Which of these bid strategies would work best with your display remarketing campaigns?

You're working with a large ecommerce website containing thousands of products. The business owner would like to show the products that a website visitor viewed directly in the ads. 
What type of display remarketing should you use?


Your boss wants to use dynamic ads, but wants to customize the ad format. 
What solution allows you to customize your dynamic ads?